imma sleep mmm



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life partner

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sighs thats not nice

liquor ayyy

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honestly using the uwu emoticon or editting bad flower crowns on every picture ever or even calling everyone “friend,” none of that stuff is really bad it’s people who say things like “it’s okay to be a homophobe! uwu” or “please don’t bully rapists!!” or “friend do bad things like use transphobic slurs and tell people to get raped but i see friend smile, i see friend laugh, friend is good, we are all tiny little bugs uwu” that i think are the real problem here

from キルラキル赤面10連発 by てつくず

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When I pass a test that everyone else fails


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i want

to take a long break from my rp blog

i dont need it i dont want it but i dont have anything else to do if not there;;

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u sure ur not actually a goddess?

im gonna fuck zeus

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ur more beautiful than beyoncé

shes not even pretty

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you're an incredible person don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Madame? More like Ma/damn/, ur looking good today.

thats old as you

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Only take a man who will treat you like a Queen, because you don't deserve anything less.